Fun is key. And we do like to have lots of it by inspiring adventure and creativity in others. Our first 15 signature flavours are ever-changing.

We enjoy experimenting in our gelato lab while periodically bringing back some of our hidden favourites. By discovering new ingredients on our trips around the globe we constantly expand our regular selection with new flavours. 

We will never brag with a high number of exotic sounding flavours but rather let our returning customers participate in our production process by giving us valuable feedback and inspiring ideas in our stores.  

So, if you have any fancy proposals just get in touch with us.

01/ Marshall’s Nougat

A very special mix of finest chocolate and nuts

02/ Salty Pistachio

Our No. 1 Bestseller. No further comments needed

03/ Kinderlada

Feature flavour reminiscent of our childhood in Yugoslavia of the late 1980s

04/ Violet

Another secret mix of Alpine yogurt, Bosnian Blueberries and cardamom

05/ Forest Raspberry

Our non-dairy interpretation of the most beloved berry in Southeast Europe

06/ Forest Strawberry

Handpicked from the forests of Northeastern Bosnia

07/ Marhsall’s Black

The darkest chocolate taste (80%) you´ll find in all of the Balkans

08/ Marshall’s Special

Pure almonds with our secret hazelnut cream

09/ Bosnian Walnut

Only the finest walnuts coming from the woods of Eastern Bosnia make it into our gelato machines

10/ Alpine Yogurt

The freshest Alpine milk we could find with a smooth shot of seasonal berries

11/ Salted Peanuts

The best American peanuts on the market came together for another salty secret

12/ Hazelnut

World famous Piemont hazelnuts made it also into our gelato machines

13/ Blueberries

Grown and handpicked in Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia this is probably the most genuine fruit taste one can try in this part of the world

14/ Cranberry

One of the healthiest berries motivated us to create a new taste sensation

15/ Tahin

A touch of Orient: white sesame in a special shell