The Victorian Queen of Ice Cream

The Victorian Queen
of Ice Cream

Mrs. Agnes Bertha Marshall, “Queen of Ice Creams”, as she was called in the late 19th century has published four books about ice cream. Her cookery book from 1888 included a recipe for “cornets with cream”, possibly the earliest publication of the edible ice cream cone.

She wanted people to learn not only to make ice cream with delicious, pleasant and delicate flavours but also to highlight the entire process of making it. As a pioneer female entrepreneur in late Victorian London she became an inspiration for our team to continue her path in the 21st century.

Mrs. Agnes Bertha Marshall

Her secret booklet has a sweet smell with notes of vanilla, decorated with traditional Victorian miniatures which changed culinary lives ever after. The philosophy behind Mrs. Marshall´s work is one that we also share: an everlasting love for finding the perfect taste with each new flavour, top quality ingredients of organic origin and lots of dedication and devotion during the production process.

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