Marshall's Gelato Story

Marshall's Gelato Story

How it all began…

  • Our love for gelato started when we were kids in Yugoslavia of the 1980s. In 2017 we decided to follow our childhood dreams and open the very first gelateria in the heart of Sarajevo, a blink away from the National Theatre. Today we are an international team of gelato enthusiasts from Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland and Montenegro on the way to expand and share our common passion in various corners of (Southeast) Europe.

  • In order to promote sustainability and protect our environment we do our best to use only the freshest, regionally grown organic ingredients in order to offer traditional, hand crafted, gluten free gelato… along with some magnificent dairy free sorbets.

  • For your very first Marshall´s Gelato experience we recommend two of our signature flavours: Marshall’s Special and Salty Pistachio. They will provoke all your senses. And in case you are in a hurry and want to share your gelato experience with friends and family we also offer pints in different sizes for take away.

If you want to try artisan gelato with some special childhood dream memories please visit one of our stores in Sarajevo or Kotor.

  • We are dedicated to making high density, top notch gelato. We do our best to avoid any ingredients that have been genetically modified. We don’t shortcut by using artificial flavors, preservatives, emulsifiers,
    starches or stabilizers. And we do care about our environment by trying to use the best locally grown ingredients, avoiding to use PVC and by trying to minimize our carbon footprint as good as possible .

  • All of our gelato and sorbet flavours are also gluten free.